Cafelat to Release The Robot Espresso Maker

Cafelat The Robot espresso maker
Photo Credit: Cafelat

The Daily Coffee News reports that the coffee gadget manufacturer Cafelat will be releasing The Robot, an espresso maker that caters to customers who like modern functionality paired with a vintage look.

The Robot gets its name from its distinctive 1960s-era robot designthe machine itself is completely manual. However, those who were disappointed to find that they have to operate The Robot themselves will be more than compensated by its espresso capabilities and plastic-free build, as The Robot is built entirely from aluminum, stainless steel, and silicon.

Cafelat managing director Paul Pratt says that the materials of The Robot’s design are centered around the high temperatures needed for the perfect espresso. He also notes that The Robot is able to “make a decent drink” from bricks of vacuum sealed coffee, although Pratt still emphasises that great coffee starts with the beans.

The Robot is set for release later this year. Pratt estimates that the standard Robot will cost around $240 and that the barista model with a pressure gauge will be priced at around $300.

To read more in the Daily Coffee News, click here.

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