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Onassis Emotions Exhibit to Visit Acropolis Museum

Photo Credit: Onassis Foundation USA

From July 18 to November 19, the Acropolis Museum will be home to Emotions, an exhibit of 129 of the world’s greatest ancient pieces of artwork.

The exhibit, presented in partnership with the Onassis Cultural Center New York, plumbs the depths of human emotion as a striking tribute to the continuity of the human condition.

In the words of Museum President Professor Dimitris Pantermalis, “This is an unusual archaeological exhibition which focuses on the portrayal of the ‘ethos of the soul’ in 129 ancient art-works. Using surprisingly simple but powerful means, the ancient artists depicted bright emotions like desire, love, lust and shame, but also dark passions like madness, fury, revenge and heartbreak”.

To find out more about the exhibit, visit the Acropolis Museum’s website or check out Onassis’s exhibit page from when Emotions was on display in NYC.


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