Digital Grotesque: Showing the Possibilities for Printed 3D Art

digital grotesquw
Photo Credit: Digital Grotesque

Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer are two architects who know how to translate technology into art. Their latest creation, Digital Grotesque, is a 3D printed sandstone grotto that is composed of more than 1.3 billion surfaces.

Designed entirely by algorithms, Digital Grotesque showcases the capabilities of 3D printing as a form of artistic creation and seeks to explore how digital manufacturing can make new kinds of architecture possible.

Because of the structure’s millions of surfaces, its surface area is hundreds of square meters, but the grotto brings all this space together in a compact three and a half meter block.

After its March premiere at the Imprimer le monde exhibition, Digital Grotesque was installed in the permanent collection of the FRAC Centre in Orléans.

You can find out more about Digital Grotesque and the team who created it here, where you can also see more pictures and a video of the piece.

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