Former Met Director Receives Getty Fellowship

Photo Credit: The Getty and the Rothschild Foundation

Former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Thomas P. Campbell, has recently been awarded the Getty Rothschild Fellowship from the The Getty and the Rothschild Foundation.

Campbell will use the fellowship grant to research how art intersects with the digital world at both the Getty in Los Angeles and Windsor Manor in Buckinghamshire, England.

“I am honored to be named a Getty/Rothschild fellow and to be given the opportunity to devote the coming year to examine, first, the fundamental question of where the cultural sector is heading as it responds to various geo-political, economic and digital challenges,” said Campbell.

Campbell said his research would also focus on “the related question of how we can use art and culture as a gateway to promote understanding in an ever-more connected but ever-more divided world.”

To read more about the fellowship and Campbell’s upcoming work or previous career, visit The Getty’s website here.

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