Transparent Trade Coffee Calls for “Price Donors”

coffee pixabayTransparent Trade Coffee (TTC) is staying true to its mission of sharing coffee trade information with the world by seeking numbers that represent the actual value of specialty coffee trades.

In its latest Insight report, TTC said that “many central players in specialty coffee markets want to move away from buying green specialty coffees based on current commodity price indices, so that quality, quantity and origin conditions can be recognized and rewarded.”

To put the lack of information in perspective, TCC’s report found only eight out of dozens of coffee roasters that have published a transparency report within the last three years―  49th Parallel, Barismo, Bird Rock, Counter Culture, Pact Coffee, Seattle Coffee Works, Temple Coffee, and Tim Wendelboe.

The people behind the TTC initiative have opened up a call for 20 to 30 roasters and up to 10 coffee importers to donate price information that will help make their new guidelines for specialty coffee negotiations more accurate.

To read more about TCC’s specialty coffee price negotiations guidelines, read TCC’s full report here or this article from Daily Coffee News.

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