Check Out the First Solar Eclipse Ever Photographed

1_Series of solar eclipse photographs
William Langenheim (American [born Germany], 1807–1874) and Frederick Langenheim (American [born Germany], 1809–1879). Eclipse of the Sun, 1854. Photo Credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art
In the spirit of this week’s eclipse, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is exhibiting the images of the first solar eclipse ever photographed.

Brother photographers William and Frederick Langenheim captured the total eclipse in May of 1854. The pair took eight sequential pictures of the eclipse. Only seven survive today, probably because the image of the total eclipse would have been a seemingly insignificant tiny black square.

The seven photos are quite small―and three of them are positively tiny―because the Langenheim brothers needed to use the smallest available cameras to capture images in the low light levels of a complete eclipse.

To read more about the exhibit, visit the Met’s website here.

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