Today is Vancouver’s First All-Day Coffee Festival

coffee cocktail
Photo Credit: A Coffee Cocktail from Coffee Potluck’s Facebook Page

Today is Vancouver’s first all-day coffee festival― the Coffee Mini-Fest hosted by grassroots group Coffee Potluck.

The event is an important step towards keeping Vancouver on the coffee lover’s map. As Coffee Potluck wrote in their event announcement, “Where the ‘coffee city’ first initiated the café culture, it will showcase transition and progress of the present day.”

The mini-fest will feature a tasting village with specialty brews from across Canada’s west coast. Timbertrain Coffee Roasters and Patrick O’Malley’s Genius Coffee Equipment will sponsor the winning brew to compete in the National Aeropress Championship next month.

The festival will also feature the western regional latte art competition and a women’s panel discussion.

To learn more about the event, visit Coffee Potluck’s Facebook page here or read this article in Daily Coffee News.

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