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Frisian Culture Days Begin Today At Pergamon Museum

frisian dance
Photo Credit: The Pergamon Museum

Today is the first of the Frisian Culture Days at the Pergamon Museum, an exciting exploration of the unique culture of this minority group.

Frisian culture is chiefly centered around the Frisian language, which is a form of West Germanic. Around 450,000 people speak Frisian worldwide, although it is difficult to estimate how many language speakers there are.

Today’s culture day at the Pergamon features live Frisian music, Frisian literature and literature about the Frisian culture, as well as culinary and eculture experiences.

Future culture days will celebrate Frisian fairytales and storytelling and will explore Frisian life through workshops and lectures. Of course, there will be lots of delicious food and drink, including the unique Kluntje and Wulkje teas.

The culture days will be spread across Pergamon’s calendar from now until September 24. To learn more about the culture days, read this press release (in German) here.

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