#CultureisDigital: Have Your Say in the UK

On July 5, the UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport began a conversation about the ways technology and culture work together in today’s world.

The #CultureisDigital initiative began in April under MP John Glen’s predecessor, but today’s conversation is a new phase Glen launched this month. In this video, Glen uses the hashtag #CultureisDigital to invite tech companies and cultural organizations to join the British government’s vision for the cultural sector laid out in last year’s Culture White Paper.

#CultureisDigital is focused around four central questions facing the technology/culture intersection:

  • What new kinds of audience access and participation are the result of technology?
  • How can the UK build its cultural infrastructure?
  • How can the UK become more innovative with regard to content and technology?
  • How can the UK build the skills and business models to make digital culture thrive?

Use #CultureisDigital on social media to join the conversation, share your expertise, or learn about culture and technology in the UK.

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