International Surrealism Exhibit Coming This Fall

empty mirror
By Santiago Ribeirto-Photo Credit: Empty Mirror

This September, an international exhibit of surrealist art will tour Portugal’s palaces, monuments, and art spaces and will pay a special visit to the multimedia P.O.R.O.S. Museum.

Hailed as the largest surrealist exhibit in the world, the International Surrealism Now exhibit will feature over 100 artists from 49 countries.

International Surrealism Now’s creator is Portugese surrealist painter Santiago Ribeiro, whose career has been devoted to promoting modern surrealist art. Ribeiro began the Interntaional Surrealism Now movement in 2010, when he organized the group’s first surrealism exhibit to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Portugal’s Museu de Conimbriga.

To learn more about the Ribeiro’s work with International Surrealism Now, you can read this article from Oneric Realism or this article from Universe.

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